Leading accountant recommends a property SSAS

SSAS pensions may have been around since the 1970s…

…yet still far too few realise their full potential. Whether investing in property, growing a business or tax efficiency and an early retirement is the goal, the unique flexibility of a SSAS pension is unparalleled. TLP are experts in this niche field and can offer tailored and bespoke advice.

Jeff Lermer, founding director of London based JLA Chartered Accountants..

…is certainly keen ensure his clients don’t miss out and are fully versed in the power of the SSAS, along with access to expert advice from partners such as TLP. With over twenty-five years of experience in the accounting profession, he has ensured that JLA remain at the leading-edge in their field, providing ‘innovative and practical solutions’ for clients’ accounting, tax and investment needs.

“We specialise in small, profitable SMEs, with most clients living on less than they are making, leaving surplus funds for investment; this is where the SSAS really comes into play”. Touching on the unique structure of the SSAS, Jeff explains that, “A SSAS protects clients from themselves. It allows them to be as hands-on (or off) as they want to be, but ensures that their investments are properly ring-fenced, tax-efficient and safe from mistakes”.

Undeniably talented, Jeff’s passion for planning tax efficient, bespoke strategies for his clients and their businesses is unquestionable. “When looking at clients we look at three aspects of their lives – Business, Individual and Savings. That is the JLA strategy – joining these three aspects and ensuring provision to support them is achieved in the most tax-efficient way. “In all cases, nothing is more tax-efficient than a SSAS and its unique flexibility really captures people’s attention”.

So why do so many pay such little attention to their pension? – “We find that people seem to have a fear of pensions without knowing why. They are hanging onto historic horror stories of pension brokers in white socks wheeling away their money and not really knowing where it is going”.

 “A negative with other pensions is that they are passive. A SSAS however, is engaging; it triggers an active mode of thinking about your pension and your investments. Working with a niche SSAS advisor like TLP can remove that fear. Clients can start to enjoy being in control of their investments

and start seeing ‘pension’ as something good; it becomes a solid, exciting structure for profitable savings and investment”.

The tax efficiency of a property SSAS is genuinely fantastic

So, what would you say is the USP of the SSAS?

– “The differences between SSAS and other pension schemes are off the scale. The personal engagement; the fantastic, genuinely fantastic, tax aspects and the most flexible part of a SSAS, the ability to ‘loanback’ to your company”. Again, “TLP are able to offer myself and my clients all the knowledge and tools required”.

SSAS is helping company directors take control and grow their businesses and portfolios.

Allowing access to 50% of your pension pot, it makes the ideal solution for company directors looking for that essential cash injection. Whether just starting out on your property investment journey or looking to grow your current portfolio, a property SSAS should be a key ingredient of your plans for growth. Tax-efficient; powerful and flexible; it can drive forward your investments and growth at an extraordinary pace.

TLP, as Jeff has explained, are passionate about sharing expert knowledge and furnishing their clients with the knowledge and tools required to successfully invest in property, grow their businesses or even retire early, via the vehicle of a property SSAS pension.

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Della Paviour

Della Paviour

Della Paviour. Marketing Manager. TLPI