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About TLPI – Since 2004, we have been providing exceptional business, tax, pensions, and property investment advice to grow your business and protect your wealth. We are passionate about delivering a tailored, personal and professional service to our clients. Through true understanding and expert advice from experienced consultants, we offer a personal and bespoke service to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. By creating innovative structures you can reduce your tax liability, invest in a wide range of asset classes, retain and increase business liquidity, grow your business and protect your wealth.

About TLPI

TLPI began trading in 2004 before later incorporating as The Landlord’s Pension ltd, initially building foundations in the world of finance.  After the credit crunch of 2008 and with extensive experience and knowledge of pensions, property development and investment, founding Director, Gareth Bertram, identified the opportunity to combine property and pension industries by operating in the niche sector of SSAS pensions, helping clients take control of existing pension funds to invest in property. This allowed TLPI to diversify its services to further support clients in finding tailored and innovative solutions to their business strategies, plans and goals by providing business, pension and property investment advice. In 2023, the company rebranded from TLP to TLPI to reflect the further diversification of its offering to clients, encompassing services related to areas of tax, loans, property, and investments.

Since the millennium, Gareth has retained a significant interest in property development and his knowledge and experience gained from this sector has been pivotal in the significant growth in the business and its direction. The company realised its clear vision and goals to expand and now occupies premises in South Oxfordshire with a dedicated team of experts. Boasting enviable 5-star reviews and feedback on Facebook and Google the company is now led by Operations Director, Mike Holt, a team member since 2012, who like Gareth possesses a huge desire to ensure for success and longevity for all of our clients and their business, as well as TLP itself.

Today, the company continues to uphold the its philosophy of innovation in a bespoke, personal, and considerate environment, alongside continued growth and economic resilience due to its robust and reliable foundations. Alongside strong relationships with investors, developers and professional trustees, TLP are able to offer a full and enduring level of service and support to clients. In addition, 2020 saw the formation of Protero Tax, Chartered Accountants in partnership with JLA Accounting, a well-known and successful accountancy firm, giving our clients further reassurance that their strategies are achievable, reliable and built for long term success.

TLPI is well respected, and recognised by industry peers as professional, knowledgeable, and trusted SSAS pension experts. We look upon our journey with fond memories, but like any innovative business our attention is almost wholly focussed upon the exciting future.

Many clients of TLPI are property investors and business owners; people who are busy investing or running their own businesses, looking for pension and property investment advice. The common myth is that anything to do with pensions is laborious, complicated and entailing mountains of paperwork. This is an illusion fast dispelled by TLPI and will be evident from your very first contact with one of our expert advisers. We have a very simple process which does not require much time investment at all to take control of your pension and get started in property investment.

Our personal service is tailored and bespoke, offering business, tax, pension and property investment advice to help clients take control securely and profitably. Consultations are tailored to your specific requirements and our team of experienced consultants can visit you at your home or office. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools, information, and flexibility to take control of your pension and invest securely and profitably in property.

TLPI is a professional tax agent approved by HMRC to administer UK Pension Schemes and to act as a trust and company formation provider. We provide pension and property investment advice and information that will give you the flexibility to take control.

Impartial SSAS advice
Providing you with control over your pension

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our clients with the knowledge, tools and confidence to grow their businesses, build robust strategies and create long term, innovative plans for now and for the future.

Our clients trust us to understand their goals and strategies, both business and personal and ensuring that our business and those of our clients endure the test of time is something that we take very seriously.

We are proud of our company, our employees and of the services we provide. With effective collaboration and communication, we support the needs of each and every individual client, both now and for the future.

Our team are committed to overcoming obstacles, finding innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results. By relentlessly focusing on our clients’ success, creating trustworthy and profitable systems and planning for long-term scale, we create sophisticated, exceptional solutions with ambition and longevity.

The best SSAS experts in the business

Our People

We pride ourselves open attracting, employing and retaining highly experienced and motivated members of our team. We are all driven by the same values and a passion to achieve outstanding results for each and every client.

We are our own ambassadors. We are proud of our company and as a team and we genuinely enjoy helping one another succeed. Our people grow our reputation and our reputation fuels our business growth.

TLPI is well respected, and recognised by industry peers as professional, knowledgeable, and a trusted SSAS pension experts.

“We look upon our journey to become the organisation we are today, with fond memories, but like any innovative business our attention is almost wholly focussed upon the exciting future”

– Gareth Bertram, founding director.
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