What is a Lifetime Business Tax Plan?

The Lifetime Business Tax Plan is an all-in-one solution to protecting wealth at the same time as growing it for the generations to come.

This carefully constructed tool for business owners exclusively, is made up of two key elements:

Retirement planning and family investment concept

An Investment Trust Fund

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a type of Occupational Pension Scheme with several advantages. We are often asked, what are the benefits of a SSAS pension and the answer is extensive. As well as the same benefits traditional pension offer, a SSAS has much more control and flexibility to allow you to achieve your aims and goals, including increased investment choice and power, tax efficiency, business and pension alignment and much more.

This type of scheme is an attractive option for investors and business owners because it can be tax-exempt. This includes Capital Gains Tax, so investments in property can generate substantial returns. Contributions to the SSAS also receive tax relief (provided some conditions are met). On this page, we will delve into what SSAS is and how to determine if it is the right option for you.


Board of directors

A Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS)

A SSAS, properly managed, is a tax-efficient retirement plan. In the past, SSAS were set up by directors of limited companies for the benefit of specific employees. Since pension simplification, partnerships and families have also been allowed to start a SSAS. A small number of family members may also join an established SSAS.

Members of a SSAS have more control over investment decisions than is usual for pension schemes. It is possible to invest wisely and make a significant return on your investment.

The fundamental premise of The Lifetime Business Tax Plan…

…is to give company directors the control and the ability to protect their wealth for their family and put the mechanics of succession into place whilst continuing to grow their business. The Lifetime Business Tax Plan focusses specifically on overcoming the issues of investing company profits, mitigating company and inheritance tax, allowing company directors to invest at their own discretion and in addition, ensuring they are able to grow their pensions without the impact of huge tax penalties. By fusing these two powerful components, innovative and formidable strategies can be created for you, the business and to provide a secure future your children, whatever the succession plan you have in mind for the business.

Guide to The Lifetime Business Tax Plan

The Lifetime Business Tax Plan is the ultimate succession planning solution to not only protect your wealth, but also grow it for generations to come.

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