Howard & Kathy Cain, Asana Property Investments

Howard Cain worked in financial services for 35 years helping to train IFAs “I really only touched on SSAS pensions lightly from a technical point of view. In fact I assumed that when I left work I would simply take my final salary pension and that would be it!”

Having built a successful property business and seeing the value in property investment, Howard and his wife Kathy set up a monthly networking event in Bolton called the Asana Property Meet which has become the go-to networking event of the North-West for property investors. Kathy saw a presentation by Mike Holt of The Landlord’s Pension explaining how it is possible to invest in property using Property SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) pensions. “Despite being qualified, SSAS is a specialist area and I didn’t fully know how they work or realise how they could help us build our property business. We invited Mike to present at the Asana Property Meet and he delivered a really sharp and informative session demonstrating that Mike really knows his stuff and knows how to deliver a message effectively”.

After discovering the benefits of SSAS pensions and seeing how these funds could be used to grow his property business and increase his pension fund, Mike worked with Howard and put together a plan outlining the various strategies for investing in property using pension monies that were currently tied up in an old company pension scheme.

“The learning curve for SSAS pensions and how they can be invested is a steep one, however Mike took the time to explain everything to us in plain English and we felt confident we could better utilise our pension fund by taking control and investing in property”.

As a Director of his own property company, Howard was eligible for a SSAS pension which gave him the control and flexibility to invest in property in a variety of ways and even to lend money back to his own business.                                                                                                “The team at The Landlord’s Pension made the process of establishing my SSAS pension straight forward and kept me informed through the entire process”.

Howard now has a SSAS pension and with the help of The Landlord’s Pension is investing in various property investment strategies.  “My overall experience working with The Landlord’s Pension is that they have been extremely helpful and proactive throughout the process. The continued professional service and ongoing support I have received has been exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend their services. My ‘advice’ to anyone in property considering a SSAS pension is to get it started now – no need to wait until you’re my age! ”.

When Mike Holt spoke to YPN he confirmed “It has been my pleasure working with Howard and Kathy. I meet property investors and business owners up and down the country who often overlook historic pensions they have contributed to. At The Landlord’s Pension we are changing peoples perception of pensions. Rather than seeing this as money that you cannot touch until you reach the age of 55 we encourage our clients to see their pensions as assets which can be utilised to build or grow their property business today.”