Jo Driver, business consultant

Property & Pension Investment Success Story

It’s a common misconception that setting up a Property SSAS is difficult, time -consuming and costly. Much to the contrary, clients of The Landlord’s Pension can testify the complete opposite. Jo Driver of Cambridgeshire has just been through the process and now shares her story.

Further to a highly successful corporate career in IT training & consultancy, Jo Driver decided to take a leap of faith and start her own training and consultancy business. Not a person to shy away from a challenge she also began to invest in property at this time as a way to enhance her retirement planning and give her the additional income to enjoy the lifestyle she required.

Jo offers some background, “I had accrued funds in a personal pension whilst working in the IT sector and decided that I wanted to take greater control over the way these funds were invested, particularly now I had seen the benefits and returns of property investment” With this in mind she transferred her existing pension into a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) hoping that this would give her the control over her investment that she desired.

“Unfortunately, the reality was that while I did have some autonomy it did not offer me exactly what I required” Jo stated. “I then looked at a Property SSAS (Small Self – Administered Scheme) pension option but on my initial investigations found this to be more complicated and expensive than I had hoped”.

“Fortunately, I got in touch with Mike Holt of The Landlords Pension who I’d worked with in the past in the property sector. Mike explained just how simple and inexpensive the SSAS process could be by choosing to work with the right people and company and started by ascertaining exactly what my individual requirements were and what my plans were for the medium to long term”

“The team at The Landlords Pension ensured that it was an easy experience, they assisted with researching to find a SSAS pension suitable for my circumstances, registering the scheme and completing all paperwork. I was kept up to date throughout the whole process”.

As Jo was busy continuing to grow both her consultancy and property businesses she chose to invest in a completely hands – off property investment. Further to extensive due diligence Jo chose to invest in a property bond which gave her a fixed return of 12%per annum over a 5 year term. This was supported by the security of a 1st legal charge of the property in which the funds were invested. “It’s fantastic, I was able to take a pot of money that just wasn’t working for me and grow this through fixed returns to secure my financial future” Jo commented.

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