Trevor Cutmore, renowned for his successful property training courses run through his company Table of Twelve, has found new property success using his old pensions to buy and invest for substantial tax-free gains.

“For many years I have been in control of my business life, helping others to take control of their financial future, and making gains from the property market but for some reason my old pension never had any appeal” Trevor explained.

“I had some funds sat in a traditional pension scheme and each year when the annual statement arrived I would just file it. I then met Gareth Bertram, director of The Landlord’s Pension who explained to me the opportunities I was missing out on.” After 2 years of investing with The Landlord’s Pension a delighted Trevor went on to confirm “I managed to achieve a fixed return of 11% per year via a German property investment company, it didn’t take up any of my time and the fees were so much less than I was paying with my old stocks and shares pension”.

Since investing his pension in German property and making that hefty gain, Trevor has turned his sights back to the UK and is now investing in commercial property with plans to convert this to residential property. “I just didn’t know any of this was possible let alone as easy as it has been. Who would have thought that I could do all this property investing and developing using my own pension funds? And the cherry on top is that because I am using my pension all the gains I make are tax free. I would like to thank Gareth and the team at The Landlord’s Pension for helping me to take control of my pension and getting it invested into property”.

YPN caught up with Gareth Bertram at his Oxford office to find out if this is a one-off case. Gareth stated: “Unfortunately it’s not one in isolation, most people that contact us are not doing anything with their pension funds. They are relying on the traditional investment markets to produce a return for them and are often paying a heavy price without knowing it. Our clients take control of their pensions, reduce the running costs, invest in property which they understand and go on to make substantial tax-free gains.” Gareth goes on “I firmly believe that business people, new or existing landlords should be taking control of their pension and investing it in property. The Landlord’s Pension have a 5 star service rating for a reason – we help our clients to make tax free gains with low costs and an efficient support system”.

If you have SSAS pension funds and want to get them invested in property then visit the UK’s leading Property Pension company online, The Landlord’s Pension, for a free consultation