Can a SSAS pension invest in property?

A property SSAS pension is a business tool that helps you to garner capital gains, property bonds and rental income. Find out how you can benefit from a SSAS pension by investing in property.

A SSAS Property and Pension Success Story: Nicole Barrat

TLP client, Nicole Barrat, Director of Barratt Lettings in Windsor, has a real success story that shows how using a SSAS pension to invest in property can grow a business easily and effectively.

Why Invest a SSAS Pension into Property?

Like many people, Nicole had old pension funds that she didn’t keep track of. She wasn’t sure of their value and thought they could only be accessed once she had reached age 55. That was until she attended the Berkshire PIN meeting, hosted and sponsored by The Landlord’s Pension, where she learnt how investing pension into property could boost her business.

At the meeting, Nicole discovered that by amalgamating her individual funds and combining them with other pension funds owned by her partner, together their pooled funds raised enough to buy commercial premises, from which Barratt Lettings could trade from. Speaking about her experience, Nicole commented, “When I learned that I could combine my funds with my partner, I suddenly realised that there would be enough money to buy commercial premises. The Landlord’s Pension has been extremely helpful by explaining the process very clearly to me.”

This commercial property has allowed Nicole’s company to grow and provided her team with an important base that they can trade from. Going forward, 2019 is set to be a fantastic year of growth for Nicole’s company, all thanks to the benefits of investing a SSAS pension into property and using the pension funds for rental income. Further speaking about the process, Nicole commented, “I just didn’t know all of the benefits that are available with a SSAS pension scheme. It’s a fantastic business tool and is allowing me to invest in my business by giving it a high street location.”

What We Can Learn about Investing SSAS Pension in Property from Nicole’s Story

What Nicole’s story shows us is that investing in property in a hands-off manner and using a SSAS pension purely as an investment to grow isn’t the only option. In this case, we can clearly see the — often overlooked — benefits of a SSAS pension.

A SSAS pension doesn’t only allow you to grow your business by using pension funds to acquire commercial or residential property but also by pooling pensions with other directors or senior employees in your business. Although a great perk of a SSAS pension, it’s still relatively under-used by businesses, so we can all learn from Nicole’s story.

Can I Transfer My Pension into a Property?

A SSAS pension is the most flexible type of pension available in the UK, designed to give company owners and directors full control while providing businesses with tax relief. As Nicole Barratt agrees, it’s the only type of pension that a director needs.

If you’re a company director, you too can invest your SSAS pension into property.

By giving company directors full control of their pension funds, a SSAS pension allows you to invest your pension into commercial or residential property, as well as your business.

Want to Know More about Investing SSAS Pensions in Property?

Too many people are unaware of the full benefits and options of a SSAS pension, but The Landlord’s Pension is changing this. If you would like to attend a meeting, like Nicole, keep an eye out for our upcoming events. We are regularly invited to speak at all the major property events throughout the UK, including The Homebuyer Show and The National Landlord Investment Show, as well as a whole host of PIN and PPN seminars. Come along and learn how investing your SSAS pension in property can transform your business or, alternatively, contact our property SSAS pension consultants today for a chat about your options. It might just be the step you need to take to make 2019 the best year for your business.

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