Property Investment Loans

Straight-forward, secured investments providing hands-off, fixed returns

Property Investment Loans. Fixed returns –
The most appealing element of Property Investment Loans is the security.

The following analogy clearly explains the issue of security and protection of your capital. Most investors understand that in a traditional house purchase a bank will lend the buyer a sum of money and will then hold the asset as security whilst repayments are made. This is exactly how Property Investment Loans operate; the investor is taking the comfortable position of acting as the bank. The Pension company then deals with the paperwork and ensures that the investment is structured correctly to protect the investor.

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Key Benefits of property investment loans

  • Flexible income payments
  • Hands-off managed investment
  • Low entry level per project
  • Easy to understand opportunities
  • Approved for pension investment
  • Low-risk tangible property asset

Property Investment Loans return competitive annual interest repayments at a predetermined rate and schedule.

Unlike share investments, a Property Loan is a simple investment to understand. It is an investment in the development of property which pays investment returns, depending on the terms selected by the investor. The most common objection to share investments is the volatility of the investment which is dictated by ‘confidence’ in the market.

Property Loans are simple in that land is purchased and this land is provided as the security to the investor and the Pension Trustee. The land is then developed and the investor is repaid after a set period of time.

Looking at different ways to invest money

Is investing complicated?

It’s actually very simple. We aren’t here to confuse you with numbers and jargon that so often keeps many of us out of the financial markets. Instead, we provide information, answering your questions in a clear and transparent manner.

Can I see a historical performance?

Yes we can provide a detailed due diligence pack for each Securitised Loan.

How is my capital protected?

A legal charge is granted over a property, this is usually done by a solicitor.

What are the charges?

Typically there are no charges by the Loan issuer, this means if you are investing cash you could do this without charge. If you are investing with a pension, the pension provider sometimes charges a fee for making the investment.

How do other options compare?

Stock Market and direct property investments can be complex and time consuming. A Securitised Loan frees up your time whilst still providing an income. Also with the fixed nature of the return being offered it offers the opportunity to avoid the volatility traditionally associated with stock market investment.

How easy is it to withdraw my money?

During the term of investment it can be very difficult to cash in your investment and there may be penalties for early redemption. For this reason it is important to consider the term of your investment.

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