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Our highly experienced team at TLPI are always on hand to answer your questions and give you the best possible guidance regarding your SSAS pension.

Our team of advisers are held in the highest regard within the SSAS pension and property investment industry and are perfectly situated to help you get the most out of your pension.

Experienced consultants can arrange a meeting with you to help you invest in property securely and profitably using a pension. We provide you with the tools and information that will give you the flexibility to take control of your pension and invest in property.


Gareth Bertram

Gareth Bertram


Mike Holt

Mike Holt

Operations Director

SSAS & Investment Consultants

Laura McCarthy Senior SSAS and Investment Consultant

Laura McCarthy

Senior Corporate Investment Consultant

SSAS and Investment Consultant

Jordan Sharpe

Senior Corporate Investment Consultant

Akash Bajaj SSAS and Investment Consultant

Akash Bajaj

Senior Corporate Investment Consultant

David Gittings

Corporate Investment Consultant

Gareth Robertson

Corporate Investment Consultant

Spencer Dunn

Corporate Investment Consultant

Adam Barnhill

Corporate Investment Consultant

Business Support

Teresa Quinton Senior SSAS Coordinator at TLP

Teresa Quinton

Business Support Team Leader

Susie Rathbone Financial Controller

Susie Rathbone

Financial Controller

SSAS pension coordinator

Morwenna Carter

Business Support Officer

SSAS pension Coordinator

Isi Meade

Business Support Officer

Sue Whitaker

Business Support Officer

Lesley Hickey

Business Support Officer

Victor De Brum



Della Paviour Senior Content Coordinator

Della Paviour

Marketing Manager

Natalie Bertram

Content Marketing Executive

Owen Harrison

Owen Harrison

Marketing Executive

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