• Combine your pensions
  • Use your frozen pensions
  • Save tax immediately
  • Simple process without forms
  • Use your pension before age 55
  • Pool your pensions with family of friends

Can I invest my pension in property?

The simple answer is YES and we have been helping people to do this for years. Since 1989, the UK Government has allowed you to invest your pension in property. But very few people actually know how to do this. You can also release the pension at any age to invest in a business. We are experts at helping people to do this and know all of the rules and processes.

How much will it cost?

Some pension providers will charge as little as £250.00 to give you the facility to purchase a property using your pension. We work with all of the main property pension providers and understand their policies, processes and costs. The best advice is to speak to one of our experts but if you plan to do this yourself make sure you know what you’re buying before you arrange a pension otherwise you could incur unnecessary costs.

What is my pension is worth less than £50,000?

It is still possible that you can use the pension to invest in a property by combining your pension with a mortgage. There are many innovative solutions that we have.

What age restrictions apply?

There are no age restrictions. If you have a pension and you want to purchase a property or property you can do this at any age. Some people believe it can only happen after age 55 but this is not the case

Will I still get the same pension tax benefits as I do now?

Absolutely. All pensions benefit from not having to pay any income or capital gains tax. For example, if you receive income from a property then there is no tax to pay and if you sell the property, there is no capital gains tax due. Note that you do have to pay tax when you start to take money out of your pension for your personal use though. You also have to be aged 55 to do this, but talk to us to understand the intricacies.

Where can I get expert advice?

We work with pension providers and new property owners across the world. This is a specialist field and there are very few experts that know the pitfalls and exactly what to look out for when investing in property. The Landlord’s Pension has that experience so talk to us today about investing a pension in property.