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Mike Holt

Mike Holt, Operations Director at TLP

This month one of the UK’s leading Property SSAS experts Mike Holt of TLP talks to us about a family SSAS, upcoming promotions in conjunction with Simon Zutshi’s Property Magic Live this month and why he is now managing record business levels.

Property SSAS Pension awareness

“Our national Property SSAS Pension awareness campaign is helping more people to learn about the benefits of having a SSAS property pension and how this can be used to support their property investment strategies. A Property SSAS Pension is the best type of pension available due to the tax benefits, flexibility and control it provides and as a result of our campaign we have seen nearly double the level of enquiries we experienced in the same period last year – the phones in our head office just keep ringing with new enquiries!”

“It is so important for business owners and property professionals to know and understand how they can fast forward their business or property growth plans with the use of their former employee pension plans. A Property SSAS Pension allows access to 50% of any pension that you have paid into historically for use in your current business. For many this is just the injection of capital they need to fund their investment plans. I’ve been in this industry for almost 8 years and in this time, I have helped hundreds of people to take control of their pensions – it’s been a wonderful experience to have been a part of so many success stories.”

Property Magic Live

TLP are appearing at Property Magic live this month and Mike tells how he is once again looking forward to linking up with Simon Zutshi “We go back about 12 years or so and it is exciting to be working with him again, jointly promoting Property SSAS Pensions at his show. Simon is a big supporter of SSAS pensions and has backed TLP through his Property Investor Network too.”

The Property Investor Show at Excel awaits too. “This month TLP will also be exhibiting at London Excel and some of my colleagues will be delivering seminars throughout the weekend on the benefits of a Property SSAS Pension. These are exciting times for property investors with property prices showing signs of weakening – there are bargains and opportunities to be had if you can find them, but to take advantage of these you need cash. It might just be that the old employee pension that you’ve disregarded over the years can provide the capital that you need”.

Finally, Mike ends with news of his own family having recently established a Property SSAS: “I’ve been speaking to a few family members for some time and we have now established a Property SSAS. We’ve now got a pot of cash for investing in property and like I’ve done for many clients over the years I intend to ensure the SSAS makes a good return on the capital from secure property investment”.

YPN says: Get along to one of the national property shows this month for property education and be sure to speak with the UK’s Leading Property SSAS experts TLP – Tax, Loans & Property.


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Della Paviour

Della Paviour

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