SSAS Practitioner vs TLPI – What are your options? – Let’s take a look at the different levels of SSAS service and SSAS support offered by Practitioners, Administrators and TLPI full SSAS service.

A SSAS is an extremely powerful business and pension tool, proven over and again to be the most versatile of tools to help the continued growth of SME businesses. It is simple to set up but if you do not have sufficient, up-to-date knowledge of pensions and tax legislation, then you must protect yourself and your SSAS by appointing a SSAS professional.

The choice is up to you but each level of support and service suggests a different level of risk. To go it alone is a high risk option, leaving you totally responsible for all setup, management and administration of your SSAS and its ongoing strategy. You will be the point of contact for HMRC calls and queries and responsible for outcomes and penalties, should rules not be followed or understood. Alternatively, you could employ the services of: A SSAS Practitioner, A Corporate Trustee or TLPI full SSAS service.

TLPI are seeing a vast increase in the movement of clients, away from SSAS Practitioners as scheme members struggle with legalities, administration and investment strategy, only later realising that they require more support to ensure the success of their scheme.

Comparing your options:

Always keep in mind the underlying principles of a SSAS

      • To increase family wealth
      • To support your trading company
      • To reduce company and personal tax
      • To increase investment opportunity
      • To achieve the retirement you desire
      • To protect your legacy

In order to achieve the optimum benefit to its members, a SSAS requires correct setup, ongoing compliance and a carefully structured investment strategy.


The key to a successful SSAS is minimising risk, whilst maximising continued returns. This is achieved with careful due diligence and a tailored strategy. By working with TLPI, this is a priority and understanding your personal situation is the start of every SSAS setup and management.

Be aware: Explore options and understand risks before you embark upon the exciting journey that is the SSAS pension.

Safeguard your SSAS: Due to the amount of control and responsibility vested in in the members of a SSAS, it is extremely important to safeguard against any error, misunderstanding, inappropriate use of or distribution of funds and investments.

Understand the role of the scheme Administrator: Unlike a SIPP, a SSAS is not directed by a provider and so has the advantage of far more flexible parameters. This makes the SSAS the number one pension for SME business growth. However, it also means that SSAS members must ensure that its administration is conducted to its optimum.

Optimise your Investment strategy: Without a robust and ongoing strategy that meets your business and investment goals as well as grows your pension, your SSAS will not perform to your maximum benefit. An ongoing strategy is integral to the success of any SSAS scheme.  

Choose wisely: A SSAS is unique in that you have full control over who it is managed by and how it is administered. Once a SSAS is set up and registered, a SSAS Practitioner is not responsible for ensuring that the scheme adheres to HMRC rules and regulations and may charge additional fees after setup to offer further service. The Corporate Trustee is like the accountant, they file the returns but they aren’t the people you would turn to when looking to grow your business. TLPI full SSAS package offers everything both a Practitioner and a Corporate Trustee offer, plus investment and pension strategy, ongoing periodical SSAS reviews and dedicated support.

Della Paviour

Della Paviour

Della Paviour. Marketing Manager. TLPI