I’ve just read an article in the daily telegraph; Read here

The focus? It was all about how pensioners who are property rich, but cash poor are having great difficult covering their retirement costs. The only solution available to them is ‘equity release’ –a loan that is repaid, capital plus interest, when borrower sells their property, typically upon death or if they move to a care home, leaving them and their loved one’s with nothing.

Over 5,400 over -55’s signed up to equity release and borrowed £384 million against their homes between April and June, and trust me, it’s not by choice. It’s a real money maker for our banks. Interest rates are said to be higher than our traditional banks at 5-7%. And as we live for longer, the more that interest accumulates. I should mention now that there are no repayments are made along the way, just one sum for the bank at the end. But pensioners trapped on low annuity incomes, or disappointed with poor performance on investment and savings have no choice.


As a result many pensioners are “asset rich, cash poor” in other words they live in a nice house but can’t afford the basic cost of living

The point I’m trying to make is it’s so easy to avoid the mistakes of other before you. Radical reforms were introduced in April to the over 55’s, meaning we are able to access our pension pot flexibly and without the need for an annuity. Imagine if you could get a competitive fixed return in your pension and just draw down on the interest it would produce. Well you can, and you can do it using property.

With a little time and effort spent investing now, your retirement can be completely transformed. You can take advantage of property by investing your pension into it, here at The Landlord’s Pension we have helped people to invest into property. That doesn’t mean pulling your funds out of your pension, no, no. You can keep all the money within the pension and still invest for tax-free returns.

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Where can I get expert help?

We work with pension providers and new property owners across the world. This is a specialist field and there are very few experts that know the pitfalls and exactly what to look out for when investing in property. The Landlord’s Pension has that experience so talk to us today about investing a pension in property.