Are you out of ideas for funding your business?

Do you have a great business you love but can’t find the cashflow to support its growth? Is business continuity a concern for you in times of economic turbulence? The Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) might just be the answer you are searching for to help fund your business.

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Many company directors are unaware of the SSAS as a powerful tool for freeing up cash flow to build their business. A SSAS is also the perfect vehicle for ensuring optimum tax efficiency, protecting assets, investing in property and securing your wealth for future generations.



Legislation afforded to company directors means that you can access your pension funds at any age and invest them at your own discretion. You are allowed, within legislation, to loan to, invest in and grow your business, using your pension funds.

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Business owners can take control of their pensions, even before the age of 55 with a SSAS. This means far more control and flexibility to use the funds as you see fit.

No longer will you have to trust fund managers to make the right decisions regarding how your pension is invested. Gone are hidden or complicated fee scales and hidden charges.

Once your SSAS is established, you have the option to invite up to ten additional members to the scheme. These can be members of your company or members of your family. By inviting additional members, their pension funds are added to the pot. This provides more funds and greater investment choice to grow your company. Each member of the SSAS retains their own percentage portion of the pot. As the pot grows, so does everyone’s pension fund, as well as your business choices, tax savings and retirement funds.

Business loan

Business loan

The unique ability to make a loan of up to 50% of your pension pot to your company sets the SSAS pension aside from traditional pensions. Your company is afforded instant funds and your pension is still making money. This facility within the SSAS is known as the SSAS Loanback.

Tax efficiency

Tax efficient

By loaning to your company, you get instant funds to use for any valid business purpose and you are also able to make tax savings. You must pay the loan back into the pension (at a minimum rate of 1% above the current base rate), and this is classed as a business expense, saving your company tax. The funds the pension receives are not liable for income tax, as it is within a pension.

You grow your business; the pension pot expands.

Another popular option is to use the SSAS pension to purchase your business premises. The advantage is that again, you release funds to use for your company, pay rent to the SSAS and thus, earn more money for the pot. The rent you pay out is business expense, saving you tax. If you are paying rent to your pension from your company, that decreases profit and lowers your year end tax bill. Income received by the SSAS is free of income tax and the rent you pay is classed as a business expense. If that isn’t enough, the property asset is also ring-fenced from creditors and protected for your business and your family, within the SSAS wrapper. If you later decide to sell the business premises, profit on the sale is free from capital gains tax, as it is within a pension.

There are so many other things you can do with your SSAS. You can only make a loan to your company of 50% of the pot, but the pot is growing and you can repeat this each time you pay the loan back. The other 50% cannot be loaned to your company, but it can be invested or loaned in many other ways, again, growing the pension pot. For example, you may wish to loan to a third party developer at an agreed rate. The SSAS is able to invest in all of the ways a traditional pension can invest, according to HMRC rules.

So what’s holding you back?

  • The setup of the SSAS is straightforward.
  • Our experts can advise you every step of the way.
  • We always advise that you appoint a professional trustee to ensure the SSAS complies with HMRC rules. We will arrange this for you, choosing the ideal trustee for your situation and goals.
  • Fees are clear and with multiple members, just one scheme to manage.
  • Setup fees and charges can be paid by the SSAS
  • Investment opportunities include all that a traditional pension can invest in, plus more, for example, stocks, shares, gold, property and more investment asset classes.
  • The unique flexibility of the SSAS means you no longer have to invest in only the unpredictable stock market, but can diversify your investments.
  • You are in control. You can predict how your pension is going to grow, how much you can invest each year and what you will have available to you in retirement.
  • There is no longer the concern that when you die, your pension will be swallowed up by the pension company. With a SSAS, the family or other beneficiaries can be nominated.
  • Assets held within the SSAS, such as funds and property, continue to remain the SSAS, safe from creditors and inheritance tax, when you die.
  • It is the perfect business tool for ensuring growth, tax efficiency and choice.

Setting up the SSAS is straightforward, with the help of our experts. We offer a lifetime SSAS service, which includes more than just a SSAS setup. Our service is an ongoing commitment with access to a dedicated expert in pensions, business, property and investment.

A successful SSAS is all about knowledge, understanding and strategy. Our relationship starts with understanding your personal situation, helping you to decide if the SSAS will work for you and creating a robust and innovative strategy for long term SSAS success.

If you want to learn more about the Small Self-Administered Scheme pension then we offer a Free download of our exclusive guide to SSAS Success

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Della Paviour

Della Paviour

Della Paviour. Marketing Manager. TLPI