Exciting News – We are elevating our brand!

The launch of our brand refresh is here and we are keen to share with you all, the thoughts and reasoning for this exciting change.

We are elevating our brand and as always, our team continually strive to ensure we are true to our values, our ethos and our aims. Our focus is on achieving success for each and every client because by understanding their personal situation we can provide tailored solutions and strategies. By creating sophisticated, innovative and trustworthy solutions, we are able to deliver successful and long-term success for our clients.

This is why…

Over the last months, The Landlord’s Pension have embarked upon further elevating our brand. Why? Because we are proud of our brand! We are proud that behind the scenes, our team consistently work to understand our client’s needs. We value your feedback and implement changes to support your needs. We identify and study the changing economic landscapes, legalities and fluctuations that will affect our clients, and our mission is to use this knowledge and understanding to constantly add value. We want our brand to illustrate this commitment. ?

An elevation and not a re-brand!

We are building upon past success and trust, keeping a foot on the pedal, and very much putting our valued clients very much at the heart of our service. It is our hope that the changes serve to enhance your journey, your knowledge and your ability to succeed.

 “When I started The Landlord’s Pension in 2004, I had no idea of the exciting journey I was embarking upon. The company has evolved from foundations, rooted in the world of finance to the well-respected business it is today, widely recognised by industry peers as a leader in SSAS pensions, property and business strategy.

I am incredibly proud of the journey, what we have achieved and the work that we do at TLP. I am thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and the clients that have accompanied us in our growth. Our rebrand serves as a clear testament, not only to our dedicated team, but to our fantastic clients, their successes and the relationships we have with each and every one.

The original values, dedication and ethos I began the company with have now become the strong foundation that continue to earn the trust and respect of industry peers, experts and professionals. Our brand identity refresh is a natural step as we continue to innovate, champion and empower our clients for optimum success”.

Gareth Bertram, Director at TLP

Gareth Bertram

Gareth Bertram

Founder, The Landlord’s Pension

Gareth has been involved in the property and finance sector for over 20 years. Having successfully run several businesses, he currently focuses his time in helping SME company directors to access old pension funds for use in their business or for investment in property.

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Della Paviour

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