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What is a Property SSAS?

A Property SSAS must be started by the director of a trading company. The scheme can then have up to 11 members, who must be other employees and/or family members.

A Property SSAS is established to facilitate investment into property. By combining frozen and/or dormant pensions into one scheme, investment power and choice is elevated and funds are much easier to manage.

What is a Business SSAS?

The Business SSAS is a Small Self-Administered scheme (SSAS), established by the director of a trading company. The SSAS is the most flexible UK pension and gives control back, over frozen or dormant workplace and personal pensions.

What is a Family SSAS?

The Family SSAS is a fantastic way to ensure ultimate inheritance planning and tax efficiency. If the plan is to build the legacy, then a SSAS is a fantastic tool, for accruing assets and securing them for future generations.

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