Family Investment Company Case Studies

Find out how our clients have achieved their respective goals, whether that included ring-fencing and protecting assets from excessive tax liabilities, creating a profitable property portfolio, or securing their legacy for future generations. Sign up using the form on the right to browse our new Family Investment Company case studies.

FIC Case Study 4: Vip Varsani

Vip owns a public sector business that deals in Post Office products, services, and staff development. When he initially approached TLPI, Vip was looking at long-term investment strategies and structures that would facilitate further investment opportunities in the most tax efficient way.

Whilst Vip already holds a few properties, he was open to making further investments via a different set-up to improve his tax position. This would also ensure his future investments were ring-fenced and protected from excessive Inheritance Tax liabilities for his son, should the worst happen.

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Sandra Daniells

FIC Case Study 3: Sandra Daniells

Sandra owns a successful care home business which regularly has excess cash sitting dormant within the company account. She has owned investment properties for several years herself, but also recently inherited her late husband’s estate, also including a number of investment properties. With two sons, it was imperative for Sandra to find a solution for mitigating the Inheritance Tax her sons would otherwise be liable for. The key for Sandra was protecting both her own and her late husband’s legacy, for their children. TLPI explained how she could do this with a Family Investment Company.

FIC ring fencing assets vase study robert sidebottom

FIC Case Study 2: Robert Sidebottom

Robert is a racehorse and jockey trainer, living abroad, with a few years until retirement. He has two sons and three granddaughters, some existing investment property, and a background in purchasing and updating UK property. The pandemic changed Robert’s personal working situation, causing him to rethink his route to his desired retirement. He needed to plan for his future as well as grow a protected legacy for his family.

Due to the rising cost of living in the UK and the desire to take semi-retirement in a beautiful place, Robert currently lives in Thailand. He continues to work with jockeys and horses, but enjoys a more peaceful lifestyle which he wishes to continue, by way of ensuring his investments achieve the gains he requires.

Family Investment Company

FIC Case Study 1: Jacob and Julie Rundle

Julie Rundle and her son Jacob were looking for a favourable property investment tax strategy for investing Julie’s savings, hoping to achieve three main outcomes:

  1. To provide a vehicle for investing her funds at a higher return than the minimal interest rate they were currently achieving
  2. To provide an income that would offset the currently high mortgage interest rates
  3. To create a legacy, ring-fence the wealth and mitigate inheritance tax for her two grown-up children

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