Director’s Pension Loan

A company director can access up to 50% of their pensions, for any business purpose, at any age.

Taking control of your own pension funds means that you can invest at your own discretion, including making a Director’s pension loan from your pension to your limited company. A self-administered pension scheme is flexible and gives you control.

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Key Benefits – Director’s Pension Loan

  • Loan from pension for almost any business purpose
  • Cash injection to help grow your business
  • Tax efficient borrowing
  • No hassle, easy to set up
  • Grow your company with a Director’s Pension Loan
  • Costs are payable by pension
  • Only available to company directors
  • Make use of old frozen pensions
  • Invest in property or business by taking control?
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SSAS pension scheme steps

  1. Establish Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) pension
  2. Transfer old pension schemes into SSAS
  3. Loan pension (up to 50% of total pension value) to company

TLPI is an expert in this niche sector of financial planning and has been helping clients to invest in property since 2004.

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A cash injection to help grow your business

If your business is in need of a capital injection or you are planning to acquire property for letting, development or other purposes then you can use your old frozen pensions to do this using a Director’s Pension Loan. Most Directors have growth plans but few realise that they can strive to achieve these using money locked away in old pension funds.

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A limited company director’s pension – technically known as a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) allows Directors to use up to 50% of their pensions for use in their business. The remaining 50% can also be used for investment in property or other asset classes. The main myth about pensions is that a Director needs to be aged 55 or over to use pension money for anything other than traditional investments but that is incorrect. The pension can actually be used by a Director to fund their business at any age whether they are 35, 45 or even 65!

How Long has this Been Possible?

Director-led pension schemes (SSAS) have been around for 40 years. You may not have heard of them because traditionally Directors have simply set up personal pensions which do not offer the same benefits as SSAS pensions. There is a tendency for advisors to not consider the company benefits of a SSAS pension and how a Director may use the funds to grow their business. Advisors shy away from business advice and stick to traditional investments.
Consultants at TLPI understand the needs of a Company Director are very different to people who simply require a retirement savings vehicle and can offer the best SSAS pension advice for your company strategies and goals.

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TLPI is authorised by HMRC to administer Director led pensions. Consultants at TLPI are recommended by Accountants across the UK to help Company Directors use pension funds for business growth. We regularly travel to meet clients at their office or at their Accountant’s practice.
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It’s important that a Director does not make a mistake if they plan to use their pension for their business.
HMRC have specific rules that allow a trading limited company to use pension money for trading purposes or property acquisition but if the rules are broken then there are substantial penalties.

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