Anthony Bean, 53, of Ruislip invested in a Property Bond using his pension fund 5 years ago and recently received his return on investment – a whopping 90% gain in profit and all tax free!

During the day, Anthony is the director of successful Ealing based estate agent firm, Tuffin and Wren. As you’d expect, he knows all about property but like many successful business owners he’s so tied up with his day job that he doesn’t have the time to manage his money.

With a firm knowledge of property and how it can generate substantial returns, he was keen to get his pension invested in property rather than relying on the stock market which he didn’t really understand.

So, what does someone with funds in a pension do if they are short of time and want to invest in property? The answer comes in the form of a Property Bond. This innovative type of property investment has seen huge growth over the last decade and many people have benefitted enormously from the returns.

Property Bonds are a great way of securing a direct return from the property market without having to invest time to manage the money. Armed with enough due diligence and the advice of experienced professionals, this type of investment can easily double the return that you would otherwise get from a buy to let property. If you throw in the upcoming Section 24 legislation, Property bonds pretty much wipe the floor with BTL investment and all the associated risk and cost.

When YPN caught up with Anthony he retold his story with a beaming smile. “Back in 2013 I was searching for an investment in property which I could use my pension funds for. I came across a Property Bond being promoted on the Rightmove website and made some enquiries with a company know as The Landlord’s Pension, who were able to provide me with extensive due diligence papers. I then made my own private enquiries and feeling satisfied that this was a secure investment, I decided to invest some pension funds.”

Anthony’s smile began to broaden as he continued, “in the last few weeks I have been paid back my investment capital and in addition to this I have gained an incredible 90% – I have almost doubled my money!.”

The beauty of a Property Bond is that the return is fixed as is the term of investment so you know exactly what you are getting from day one. However, those considering investing and undertaking their own research, need to consider the one big factor of security. There are many investments that do not offer enough protection to investors and this puts their capital not just at risk but at high risk. The best Property Bonds are those that are backed by a physical asset and offer security in the form of a first charge against the asset, in favour of the investor or a Trustee operating on their behalf. There are a few available and they are structured with the investor at the heart of the proposition.

The investment team at The Landlord’s Pension have been helping people with Property Bond investments for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this market place.

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