Duncan Kent


I had 3 pensions, of which 2 were company pensions. 1 was a small personal scheme with Standard Life and I contributed every month. The fund reached about £60,000, so the last statement I received said I could expect to receive a pension with an extra £1,000 a year.

That was when I decided to invest my pension in property with The Landlord’s Pension. What attracted me to the Landlord’s Pension was the significantly better returns and the assurance of a fixed rate.

They helped me to set up a SIPP, which is currently with their property development company, and the investments are seeing great returns.

There’s always a risk with investments and going down the stocks and shares route can change very quickly, I was happy that the property I invested in had that level of security I was after.

I understand where and how my money is invested, I know what I will receive and when and the fee structure is transparent.

I’m really pleased my money is working hard and very grateful for the job the Landlord’s Pension have done.