Mandy Wallace – Property investor

Businesswoman and property investor Mandy Wallace, 56, of West Sussex, took control of her old pension plans almost 4 years ago and this month she retells the story of how investing them in property has brought her success, whilst also aligning with her strong investment values.

In March 2014 Mandy contacted The Landlord’s Pension, a company that specialises in helping people to invest their pension in property. “I wanted my pension fund to be invested in property, whilst knowing that it was bringing some benefit to others” stated Mandy.

As an investor, Mandy understands the property market, so for her choosing to invest her pension in property was obvious but she also wanted to understand the philosophies of the company that she would be working with. “I started researching how I could transfer out of my current pensions, control my choice of investment and work with a company that would listen to what I wanted to achieve.” Mandy explained. “The team at The Landlord’s Pension, headed up by investment expert Gareth Bertram, took clear note of what my investment aspirations were and we have now built a great working relationship”.

A specific type of property investment was sourced for Mandy that would marry up with her goals and she started the process of setting up a new pension. “The whole process was incredibly simple and everything was explained to me so that I fully understood what I was doing and how my returns would be obtained. I spoke with other investors who had already worked with The Landlord’s Pension and the references I received were exemplary.”

There are many reasons to transfer out of historic final salary pensions or frozen employer schemes which include investment choice (such as property), flexible drawdown from age 55 and inheritance tax benefits, but for Mandy she had her own reasons. Her pensions were historically invested in traditional shares which did not meet with her goals or ideologies. “I have certain ethical values including people, animals and the environment, which through the simple nature of share investing, can’t be controlled. You don’t know where your money is invested, who is investing it or what the ethical values of the company holding your funds are. Aside from this, I didn’t know whether the funds would have any substantial value when I draw income from them later in life.”

Mandy concludes “I’m pleased to tell YPN readers that my pension has grown in value substantially as a clear result of investing in property with the help of The Landlord’s Pension. I should also mention that particular care was taken in listening to what I wanted to achieve from the outset”

Investment consultants at The Landlord’s Pension maintain long-term relationships with clients to help work towards their success. If you are considering investing your pension in property then quite evidently, they can help you to do this.