Marion Ralson, executive

Property & Pension Investment Success Story

Marion Ralson of Oxfordshire decided to invest her £90,000 pension in property 5 years ago, and now looking back over this time, she can’t believe how much money she has made. A very pleased Marion explained “I set up A SIPP and invested in property 5 years ago – it was the best thing I could have done with my pension”.

In her day job, Marion is a busy executive who often finds herself short of time, and certainly doesn’t have enough time to enjoy the luxury of managing property. When she set up her SIPP in 2012, she had the clear vision of investing in a ‘hands off’ property investment; one that would give her the profitability that comes from investing wisely in property but without the hassle factor (ie the due diligence, the planning, the execution and the delivery).

Turning to The Landlord’s Pension for help, (experts in the SIPP/SSAS property and pension sector), Marion achieved exactly what she wanted. “I couldn’t believe how simple it was. I requested a home visit in the evening which was arranged with no problem. I put forward my proposal and was told that it would all be taken care of – and it was,” Marion explained. Five years on, Marion is testimony to the success that The Landlord’s Pension brings to its clients. “I made almost £40,000 in the first 3 years, and all of it is tax free. I invest in property via my pension but by doing this in a ‘hands off’ manner it means I can concentrate on other priorities during the day. This is wise investing, handing all of the hassle to others and taking the lion’s share of the reward…why wouldn’t you?”

This experience isn’t one in isolation. It is the 4th example in the current series of case studies issued by The Landlord’s Pension. Whether it’s a plot of land for residential development, a commercial property to run your business from or an investment in property just to take the returns, then a consultant at The Landlord’s Pension can probably help you.

“My advice is to take action and invest your pension in property now!” exclaims Gareth Bertram, Director of The Landlord’s Pension. “Too many people ignore their pension funds until they’re approaching 50, and it’s only then that they think about doing something with their money. People tend to pay more attention to their ISA, this could be due to a lack of understanding regarding the investment options within a pension scheme. We aim to educate our clients on how a pension can be used to invest in property and since The Landlord’s Pension was established in 2004 we are very proud that every one of our clients has increased the value of their pension year on year.

The Landlord’s Pension is one of the UK’s leading experts on property and pension investing. Arrange a free no-obligation consultation with a member of their team to find out how you can profit tax free, by investing your pension in property by calling 020 3907 8400.