Zena Robinson, property investor


Property & Pension Investment Success Story

Four years ago, property investor Zena Robinson (then 56 years old), decided to transfer her Legal & General stocks and shares pension to a SIPP so that she could invest in property. The motivation for this came in the form of her annual statement showing that her traditional fund had made little gain but that regardless of this the company would still be taking their ‘annual fee’ from her pension. Zena did not understand where her pension was invested and this was compounded by what she felt was an unfair charging policy.

After doing some online research, she discovered that the property search company Rightmove were partnering with The Landlord’s Pension to promote investing in property with a pension so she got in touch. The Landlord’s Pension was established in 2004 and specialise in helping people to invest their pension in property in some very clever ways.

‘The whole process was very simple’ explains Zena. ‘I was already drawing some income from my pension each month but I knew I would run out of money at some point if I didn’t get some growth in the pension. I wanted to invest my pension in property so that I could then take the monthly profit as my income but wanted a hands-off investment so that I would not have to manage it. The team at The Landlord’s Pension were very helpful in listening to what I wanted and then offering some property investment solutions. ‘I’ve made 10% tax free income every year for over 3 years now.’

Zena wanted a ‘hands-off’ property investment that would give her security whilst also getting tax free returns and she has managed to achieve this. ‘It’s just so much easier to understand than investing in shares. They can be up one day and down the next. Property investing is what I know and once again it has proved successful.’

Zena has now retired to France with her husband and continues with her investments in buy to let property to support her income from the pension. She is another pension investment success story following the article about Frank Joyce in July’s issue of YPN.

The Landlord’s Pension are regularly invited to speak at national property events and have built an enviable reputation for being a leading property in pension investment company. They know every corner of this niche sector and have helped clients from all parts of the UK.

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