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Mags Kirk


After 7 years in business, speech and language therapist Mags Kirk has a successful company, Two Can Talk, and is making good profit. Rather than let the Covid-19 pandemic impact business, Mags was able to increase growth by expanding the walls to include teletherapy, which offers over the phone and online therapy and is now helping even more people.

“Without the constrictions of location, we were excited to be able to help more people and make our therapy even more accessible and as a result, company growth escalated.”

The next logical step for Mags was to investigate investment opportunities, ensuring that her increased profit was carefully managed and in the right place for business growth.

The approach

For Mags, a little online investigation into potential investment opportunities led her to looking at property as a robust and profitable avenue for investing the profits she was making from her company.

“I wanted to find a company who would give me a straightforward introduction into property investment, without too much impact upon my time. I just needed to understand the process, the risks and the benefits, without being overwhelmed with options that weren’t relevant to me.”

Mags’ first contact with TLP was finding a straightforward explanation of the SSAS on the TLP website, prompting her to download a guide. A key trigger for Mags was understanding and despite not knowing anything about the TLP and the SSAS prior to this, the benefits were obvious, the process straightforward and the flexibility to achieve her personal goals clear.

“A priority for me was speaking to someone I could trust. I did my research and when I spoke to Lewis at TLP, I felt connected; that was important to me.”

The solution

After a couple of conversations with Lewis, Mags felt comfortable in her understanding of the SSAS and sure that it was the perfect tool to help her achieve the goals (one being increasing growth to expand her business) she had in mind. The ability to invest and achieve fixed, enviable returns, was a big factor in Mags’ decision to make her first investment into property crowdfunding. All investments carry some level of risk but for Mags, property crowdfunding offers a balance and lower level of risk that feels comfortable.

The result

With minimal property knowledge and time investment required, property crowdfunding is proving to be the perfect fit for Mags. Just four months into her SSAS and property investment journey, she is already arranging further consultation with Lewis to look at additional crowdfunding investment opportunities as her funds continue to grow. Another option for Mags is to bring her partner into the SSAS, meaning that pensions can be pooled. With a larger pot, their property crowdfunding investments can achieve higher returns, resulting in increased pension funds for them both.

“Contacting TLP was the right decision for me. Trust was so important and I was assured of that very early on. Lewis is responsive, friendly and extremely genuine. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending TLP to anyone who is looking at pensions, investments and property”

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Della Paviour

Della Paviour

Della Paviour. Marketing Manager. TLPI